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About Grupel

Grupel began its activity in 1976 where its main activity is the production and commercialization of a wide range of generators (open chassis or soundproof – canopy) equipped with best quality components and with a power range between 3 to 3500kVA, dedicated to producing energy.

Nowadays it has become the largest production unit of Gensets in Portugal, operating in the 5 continents with over 60 countries. Grupel means flexibility, as it’s perfectly empowered to produce since the standard Gensets to special projects, which involves a high complexity level of engineering and conception.

In the last years, the growth has been over %25 per year, which reflects the quality of the generators and the trust of the customers.

%87 of the company’s business volume is currently due to its international presence.

Grupel industrial generators

Grupel Diesel Gensets

A generator is a device that converts thermal energy into mechanical energy and then into electricity. In general, it consists of a motor and alternator coupled and mounted on a common base together with batteries, fuel tank, control panel, and muffler.

Our Generators involve: 

smart range generators
Smart Range
SR 7-30 kVA

Smart Range comprises products with appropriate characteristics to emergency applications. These devices come into operation automatically when there is a power failure, thus ensuring a competent and efficient power delivery.

industrial range generators
Industrial Range
IR 40-1250 kVA

Our industrial range of generators sets is directed at industries and it’s being designed to function as the main power source (or as an emergency source) where there is no other source of energy, or when there is one and it is very frail.

portable range generators
Portable Range

The Portable Range is made up of generators designed to supply power to various electrical energy consumption equipment. These low power devices (3.1kW), single-phase open model with manual start, are ideal for supporting basic household appliances, suitable for the residential.

heavy range generators
Heavy Range
HR 600-3000 kVA

The heavy range of our containerized diesel generators is characterized by the ability to provide low and/or medium power voltage on a continuous basis as well as act as a power source in case of emergency.

GAS range generators
GAS Range

The use of this fuel has transformed the production of electric power throughout the years, has transformed into the most low-cost and environmentally safe power generation option.

lighting towers range generators
Lightning Towers Range

The lightning towers range is characterized by its efficiency and simplicity that allows these products to be used on all types of weather and field conditions.